Friday, August 19, 2011

My Hyper Son

This morning I took Davey and Rowan to their school physicals. We left the house on time, expecting NoVA traffic but luckily didn't hit any. I remembered all the school paperwork and immunization records that I needed which is amazing. I usually forget something and get there early or remember it all and get there late. Today I remembered it all and got there on time. Proudly, the boys were both dressed in cute outfits, and I even found underwear for them in the clean clothes pile so they wouldn't be naked for the doctor. In my house, clean laundry when you need it, is a luxury.

I filled out paperwork in the waiting room and noticed a lady behind me staring. I looked at her, and then slowly at the boys, fearful of what I might see. They were purposefully drooling spit onto the armrest between their chairs. I gave Rowan an angry stare and told him it was totally inappropriate. If I ever spanked my kids, which I don't, this would have been a time for a good lickin' right there in front of everyone. Instead I grabbed a paper towel and a glob of hand sanitizer and cleaned the chair.

The longer than usual wait allowed me time to finish the final touches on their school physical forms before meeting with the doctor. In the meantime, Rowan had managed to pull his arms into his shirt and spin it around backwards. He tucked his knees up tight inside the shirt, close to his belly, and pulled his head back in the neck hole. He looked like a turtle hiding in a shell-a Toy Story II t-shirt-with only his head sticking out. Davey fell out of his chair trying to copy his big brother. I got up to check the clock. The doctor was 45 minutes late and I was starting to sweat.

Just when we were invited back for weight and height checks Davey decided he had to pee. I got down to his level, looked in his face, and said "We have been waiting outside for 45 minutes and NOW you have to pee." He laughed. Luckily Lily tagged along for the appointment and took Davey to the bathroom while I tried to keep Rowan still enough that the arm pressure cuff could actually get a reading.

Changing into the pediatric gowns was comical. Davey willingly started to strip. Lily panicked. "Mom, they don't have underwear on!" I assured her that they were adequately dressed and wouldn't be in the buff under their stylish paper gowns. The longer we waited the higher my blood pressure seemed to get. Rowan and Lily wrestled. Davey used the doctor's wheeled stool as a body board. He lunged onto it with his belly, after he zipped across the little room he hit wall with his head and let out a hysterical laugh. Before I could stop Rowan he followed suit. All 55 pounds of him crashed into the wall. When he hit, I was sure everyone in the building heard. I begged them to "sit still for one single second!"

I grabbed Rowan's file and added a note to the "Parents Concerns" section of the physical form. "Needs assessment for ADHD!!", followed by two exclamation points.

The exams went well. Dr. Yazdani, although hard to understand due to his thick foreign accent, is a gentle older man who is great with kids. Both boys were in perfect health. Thankfully, neither needed shots.

When I asked for a consult for Rowan's inability to sit still, his hyperactivity, Dr. Yazdani looked at me curiously. "Do you get any help at home?", he asked. Wondering where he was going with this I answered, "Well, I have a husband." He laughed and clarified his question. He wanted to know if I had a nanny or a babysitter, someone who could help me regularly while Dave was at work. I told him the truth. I don't have help because we can't afford the luxuries that we had living in Italy, the nanny.

He patted me on the shoulder, reminded me how blessed I am to have such a beautiful family, and sent me on my way. "Rowan is going to be fine," he said. "It's you I am worried about."

Hard Work Will Pay Off

I am so excited about the page I just put together on Soliciting For Fundraisers. It will make planning silent auctions so much easier. This summer I was the co-chairperson for the silent auction portion of our summer swim team's annual swim-a-thon fundraiser. We raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, a charity dear to me since my favorite grandmother died from Leukemia. I spent countless hours and days examining different corporate giving programs and filling out applications. We received such generous donations including an American Girl Doll, and a great coffee maker from Keurig. I decided that applying for corporate donations would be so much easier if I compiled all of my research in one place. So here it is, with links and everything! Honestly, I did it for selfish reasons. Next year's auction will be so much easier now.