Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs: Writing History

I have to admit, I was saddened at hearing the news that Steve Jobs, Apple's co-founder, died today. My first response to the news on the car radio as I drove Cal and Landon home from football practice was anger. Cancer makes me very angry. Cancer has taken too many people that I love, too early. Then I started to feel sad. He was only 56.
Obviously I didn't know Steve Jobs personally, although he was said to have been my father-in-law's neighbor (and Dave's too I suppose) growing up in Northern California-according my kids who had spoken with their grandfather about it before. But losing someone who has been so influential on our world, technology and our children is sad. That one man could be so brilliantly intellectual and business savvy is extraordinary. Someday our kids' kids will learn about Steve Jobs and the Apple empire that he co-founded in history books-digital versions of course. Thanks for Apple, Pixar (I particularly love Toy Story) and for being a leader in innovation for our generation. Rest in peace Steve Jobs.

Oh My Aching Head

Thankfully Landon is a go to kind of guy. I have a raging head cold that hit from out of nowhere. I conveniently left a crowbar on the bathroom floor, and today as I was running kids all over creation with a throbbing head ache, Landon tore up two of the four layers of nasty vinyl flooring in the bathroom. He even cleaned up the mess! Ladies get in line. He is only 12 now but someday he is going to make a great husband.
Tomorrow's job is to tear out the remaining flooring; adhesive, staples and all and framing a small built-in magazine holder in the wall, to keep the magazines organized. This tiny bathroom has no extra space so I am going into the walls to find some. Then the fun begins with choosing floor tile, wall color, fixtures and putting the bathroom back together.