Sunday, August 7, 2011

It Feels Like We're Back in Boston

Friday night Dave and I went to a club in downtown D.C. to see a friend's band, Midnight Hike, headline at the 9:30 Club. We'd spent many nights at Boston bars back when we were dating. Going out was easier then. I always knew what to wear, and was pretty sexy, thinking back. To a college kid, a night out at a club is just another Friday night. For two 40-somethings, it's a little different. 
I had no idea what to wear. Something about being a middle aged, overweight, mother at a club gave me an uncomfortable feeling. I called my girlfriend Dana to vent. She suggested I throw on a cute off-the-shoulder flowy top with a pair of jeans. "You'll feel sexy," she said. I started to think I didn't want to go. 
After locking myself in my room so the kids couldn't get in to help mommy get dressed, I settled for jeans with cute Bandolino heels and a fitted top. Low-cut is a must for me, as it showcases my only attribute at this time, my DD bust. 
We met friends for dinner at Capitol City Brewing Company before the show. When we got to the 9:30 Club, after a few cocktails, I felt like we were back in Boston again and had enough confidence to hit the dance floor.
The next morning I shuttered as I checked Facebook, worried that someone with a camera had caught me in action. Luckily the only pictures were face shots. I approved.