Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Car for Your 16th Birthday

It's official, Austin's first car will be a 1967 Chevy Chevelle Malibu. Seems that just yesterday he was two and banging around in my mom's kitchen on his little yellow motorized Fisher-Price CAT with a 12-V battery. Now I'm shopping for Ralley wheels. Proud and totally freaked out at the same time.
We're not actually buying the car, but its not a charity donation either, although we might qualify. We are bartering for it, thanks to I was looking at classic fixer-uppers today and Dave mentioned that he had seen an add for a classic car for barter. A guy in Fairfax, the next town over, had Chevy Malibu to offer in exchange for the construction of a small deck. We went by to take a look at the car and asses the job. The car is adorable. The exterior is a basic cream color and in average shape, but the interior is black, and near perfect. It started right up, and with the exception of needing new brakes, it could be driven home. The deck? We can build a deck in our sleep. After renovating three houses at the same time with a family of five kids ages five and under, we can certainly build a small deck in exchange for a car for our firstborn. 
So it looks like tomorrow we will be buying lumber and pouring footers. The sooner we get the deck built the faster the car will be ours, and we can start fixing it up.  First purchase, new Ralley wheels so it looks more like a muscle car than a grandpa car.  It's going to be awesome! And of course, I'll get pictures up shortly.